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About C.L.Quinn

     I came into this world in a strange way.  I'm a fictional character in a novel by T.C. Butts called Last Best Hope.  Before the world I lived in was destroyed by aliens, I wrote vampire novels for a comfortable living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where I felt I was finally home.  Last Best Hope is my story of how we triumphed over an invasion that threatened to destroy humanity.  


    The author has helped me bring my vampire romances to you here in the real world because, as I state in my story, I don't  create timeless canons of literature, I create moments of escapist enjoyment, and in the lives we often trap ourselves, it's as important as any Shakespeare sonnet or Tennyson poem.  I believe in the beauty of literature in all forms, and especially in love.

    Luckily, you have embraced these stories here, too, so thank you, lovely readers, for keeping love alive.

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Vampires are real...

​​And so much more to come...

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